Bike Paris!!!


Je ne parle pais le francais.
Sorry that I’ writing in english, I’m just starting to learn French.
I arrived in Paris 22 days ago, to do my doctor thesys and to participate in an international research group, in IPGP, the group is located in UK but the laboratory of my research is located in Paris.
Je suis brésilien, and in Brazil I practice mtb (vtt) XC, but I didn’t bring my bike (Giant XTC) to France, it would be so expensive. Someone could give me any suggestions about stores??? Cycling groups??? etc… I would like to make some bike friends here in Paris, it would be a nice oportunity!!!
Best regards and merci pour votre comphreension.

Hi Alexandro and welcome,

You can find here some bike stores adresses in Paris : [url]Magasin sur Paris ?]

Concerning cycling groups, maybe you can start by making contact with this group :

Thanks Loumada!!!
Sorry for my bad French!!! I’m trying to improve!!!
Thanks for the suggestion, and how can I go there??? Is it possible to go by train??? I don’t have a car.
Best regards

To go where ? to go to the stores ?
I’m not from Paris so it’s difficult for me to explain you exactly. I think the best is to go there by bus or by subway ?